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What was the organetto?

One of the most fun things about attending an early music concert is getting the chance to see and hear …
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Barbara Newman

The Newly Discovered Love Letters of Héloïse and Abelard

These days, when two people are in love, they may send each other cute emojis or erotic text messages. But …
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Jeffrey Strauss and Helena Scholz-Carlson

Playing Héloïse and Abélard: Two Actors Discuss Their Approach

For our next production, The Passion of Héloïse and Abélard, two costumed actors will join us on stage to enact …
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Abelard and Heloise

A Story of True Love: Héloïse and Abélard

This Valentine’s Day, do you want to be reminded of the nature of true love? Then don’t miss our concert …
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