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2015-16 Season Pass
Music of Johann Rosenmüller | October 9, 10, 11 (please choose a date)Johann Rosenmüller’s music was, like his life, filled with drama.  One part French restraint, two parts English theatricality, three parts Italian emotion, and four parts German traditional song, the music of Johann Rosenmüller is dramatic, heartfelt, clever, and very, very beautiful. Ellen Hargis sings to the accompaniment of violins, violas, bass violin, organ and theorbo.
Le Roman de Fauvel | January 8, 9, 10 (please choose a date)The medieval tale of Fauvel is preserved in poetry and music. His name forms an acrostic, the letters standing for the vices Flattery, Avarice, Vileness, Fickleness, Envy, and Laziness (Flaterie, Avarice, Vilanie, Varieté, Envie, Lascheté). His story tells of his rise to prominence in the French royal court, and satirizes the hedonism, hypocrisy, and the excesses of the ruling orders, both secular and ecclesiastical. It could have been written yesterday! The Consort’s singers and instrumentalists, period images, and supertitle translations bring Fauvel’s story to life.
Juan de Lienas Vespers | April 8, 9, 10 (please choose a date)The Newberry Library’s Choirbooks from the Convent of the Encarnación continue to yield their riches, and the ravishing sounds of the Newberry Consort’s ensemble of female singers and instrumentalists will bring alive the gorgeous Vespers music of Juan de Lienas, the brilliant Mexican baroque composer.

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