Series Concerts

Harmonies of the Hemispheres: Devotions & Dreams of Spain and Mexico

A grand kick-off, to coincide with the opening of a major exhibit on the Aztecs in colonial Mexico! Hear both the realities and fantasies of New Spain, featuring songs and hymns from the Library’s precious seventeenth century Mexican choir books in Latin, Spanish, and Aztec. A special Friday matinee performance (in lieu of an open rehearsal) will take place at Chicago’s Mexican Fine Arts Center. Performers include David Douglass, violin, and Mary Springfels, viola da gamba, with Drew Minter leading the vocal ensemble.

Time Stands Still: Reflections of Elizabethan England

The Elizabethans were obsessed with mutability and caprice; the concept of time — the alchemy of change — infuses their music and literature. This program presents songs reflecting time and its effect on the Elizabethan psyche as well as instrumental works which explore the interplay of time in music. With David Douglass, violin; Craig Trompeter and Mary Springfels, viola da gamba; Grant Herreid, lute; and Ellen Hargis, soprano.

A Portrait of Renaissance Brughes

The lovely city of Brughes was the commercial heart of the Duchy of Burgundy. In the fifteenth century, it became one of the cornerstones upon which the edifice of modern venture capitalism was built. The newly wealthy investors were quick to become arts patrons: They commissioned marvelous portraits and devotional paintings by the city’s greatest artists, and sponsored the composition of exquisite and intricate polyphonic music. A Franco-Flemish feast for the ears! With David Douglass and Mary Springfels, strings; Drew Minter, Mark Rimple, James Ruff, and Richard Wistreich, voice.

Imperial Entertainments: Music for the Holy Roman Emperors

Three generations of Habsburg emperors (Ferdinand II, Leopold I, and Joseph I) were not only lovers of music but composers themselves. Their patronage created a lush atmosphere and rich background for all manner of musical expression in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Hear cantatas and arias by Antonio Caldara, Heinrich Ignatz von Biber, and Giovanni Legrenzi sung by Drew Minter and Ellen Hargis. Several special guests will join them, along with David Douglass, Mary Springfels, and Richard Wistreich, for a spirited conclusion to the season.

Special Benefit Evening

Playford’s Further Delight: A Dance redux for the Newberry Consort

Back by popular demand — music and dance, wine and beer! Get into the holiday spirit with a lively afternoon of English country dancing. Once again, your steps will be guided by one of the great American experts in the field, Gene Murrow. David Douglass will lead the Newberry Consort Dance Band, and light refreshments will be served at this bawdy benefit for the Consort.

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