Steven Player

Steve Player, dancer, player and general handyman. Continues to perform with interesting ensembles in Europe and the USA in projects that combine multi talented individuals. Since his last visit to Chicago with The Newberry Consort and the “Jigs” programme he has toured the US with Norway’s Barokksolistene and their Alehouse Session programme, exploring the music and dance that flourished in England in the 17th century under the Puritans, when all fun was banned. 

Directly after this present “Jig” project he will travel to Idaho and a short tour down to California to dance with The London Handel Players in a programme that puts the dances with the dance music of Handel and Bach as well as the French music that inspired them. 

As well as dancing, acting ,strumming and teaching Steve Player has a 19th century wooden house in Sweden which is in constant need of maintenance. The skill of the craftsmen who built it is an inspiration as is the skill and artistry of the many wonderful colleagues he is lucky enough to perform with. 

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